Sunday, April 27, 2008

Contest # 04

Contest # 04

Before there were only three mysteries of the rosary, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious. Now, there are four. Name the other mystery of the rosary.

Along with the answer, include the URL and name of your site.


Your hair and face change as you get older. And so should your cut. Finding the right cut and color can give a huge boost to your overall appearance. Well, at least we think so ... what do you think?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Personal Message

I have been busy for the past few days but I'm still trying to post and update my site once in a while. I would also like to thank those who visit my site and I hope you enjoyed reading my posts. And for the the great comments, I'm very thankful that many appreciated my blog. I just hope I didn't offend anybody. I would like to clear things up. All of my posts are personal opinions, facts from daily news and from my personal experiences. I'm really not telling anyone to follow my tips, hate or love my opinions. I would only like to share them to the readers and hope that I could help. Again, if you have tips, comments or suggestions, feel free to write it here on my blog on comments. I'm only one of those bloggers here on the net and I would love to hear other people's thoughts, tips and comments and maybe we can learn from each other.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol, What's Going On America?

Every week, America surprises me. And guess what? This week, America surprised me again. I would like to start off with Brooke White. For the past few weeks, she has been inconsistent on every performance. Remember the performance "Every breath you take"? She started at a wrong key and started again. At Mariah Carey week, she played the piano but was so nervous that her playing became faster that even messed up a few chords. And this week, didn't get any better. Forgetting the lyrics and starting all over again. In my opinion, the word "American Idol" must have the quality of a star meaning he or she must be a great singer, must have confidence, charisma and performs well. But it seems that American Idol is becoming a popularity contest. Two of the best singers of the contest were at the bottom two, Carly and Syesha. Carly was eliminated. Brooke and Jason were safe. I'm not being bias or anything but I'm just trying to base it on their talents and performances. I just think that more female audiences are watching this season of American Idol that's why the "good looking" boys are safe. David Archuleta and Cook are great singers and performers. Jason is a good singer too but it seems that he is just on his safe zone unlike Archuleta and Cook. The cameras even caught Jason yawn backstage. If the voting will continue like this, Syesha's gone next week no matter how good she sings and performs.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Break Up And Learn

What do you usually do after a break up? Did you learn something and did your best to be a better man or did it just made feel your life is about to end? Break ups are not an easy thing to handle. It either makes you smarter or stupid. So who are you? Try and answer this survey to find out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Entrecard 300 Sites Quick Drops(2)

Here's the second batch of my 300 Entrecard Drop Sites. You can use this list to alternate with my first batch that I released last time to gain more visitors to your site. Here's a link to my first Entrecard 300 sites quick drops. For those who requested that their site to be included on my next list, your wish is granted. Here's the second batch of list:

300 Entrecard Drop Sites (2)

125 Exchange
70's Retrophilia
A Better Living
A Joyful Vision
A Quest For Happiness
A Taste Of Both Worlds
A Total Blog
A Totally Grown Up Blog
A.K.A Mum
About Offshoring
Absolutely True
Ads For Blog
Advancing Health
Aerten Art
After Midnight
Ako Si Eagleman!
Amoores - From Te House..
Android's Dungeon
Ankit Rawat
Annie's Savvy Café
Anything Under The Sun
Army Mom:New Jersey
ArticleSnatch Blog
Artistic Flair
Avon Romance Blog
Bargains, Deals, Coupons, Sales, Discounts
Beaker's 3 Dimensions
Beanieville - a day trading, swing trading..
Beth & Cory's Mom
Bharat Boom
Bible Money Matters
Bible Verses For Children
Big Green Leaf
Blanca DeBree Blog
Blog Overdose Dot Com
Blog Reviews, Ramblings, No Money..
Blog With Ric
Blog Writing, Marketing and Reviews
BlogBucks [dot] net
Blogging My Way Out Of Debt
Bobbarama dot com
Book Calendar
Broken Perfection
By The Sea
C5 Says
Caledonian Comment
Cats With Thumbs
Chelsea FC - True Blue
ClickdTalk - What More Can We Talk
Coding College
Commuter Chronicles
Confessions Of An Organized Mess
CoolAdzine For Marketers
Crazy Lady Talk
Crissy's Haven
Cromely's World
Daily Crossovers
Darkside Dreamland
Debt Diet
Detector: Entrecard Contest
Diet Programs Reviewed
Diet Pulpit
Disillusioned Words
Effects Of Divorce
Emini Trade FB 2.0
Fabulously jinxed
Faerwear - Vox
Fanciful Flair
Fantasy Baseball Blog at Razzball
Festival Friendly
Finance Exchange
Financial Futures And Equity Market…
Financial Options
Find Cute
First Door On The Left
Five Dollar Shake
Flesh Asia Daily 2.0
Footprints On The Moon
For People Like Me
Forex Day Trade
Forex Intraday Trading
Found Shit
Free Forex Training
Free XML Blogger Templates
Freelance Sprout
Fulham Fc Blog
G Pearce
Geeky Habitat
Globally Rational
Goddess Initiative
Guide To Seducing Women
Hard Way Juice
Hash It Out
Hedge Against Speculation
Home Made Online Income
HoundsGood: Chronicles Of A Virtual..
How I Save
HRM Business Practices and Notes
Hunting The Muse
I'm Just A Blogger
India Beat South Africa by 8 wickets..
Internet Marketing Seminar Listing..
Into Every Life, A Little..
Invention Pub
IPL Twenty20
Istilo Pinoy
It Might Be Love
It's A Blog Eat Blog World
Ivy Research Blog
James Created
Jay El's All About
Jazmin Personified
Jmorris Online
Joseph Estrada's Blog
Journey Down The Tracks Of Life
Juicy Adventures Of A Dreaming Diva
Juliana's Site
JunkieYard Dot Com
Just Another Love Story
Keith Goodrum
Ken's Trees
KLQ: Shock Blogger and Triple H Fan
Latest Technology, Internet..
Life And Me
Life Of Jeremy
Life With Heathens
Lifes Like That: Life and General Musings
Live Life! Love Life!
Living And Learning
Lunatic Lodge
Main Page - Fast Drops
Make Everyday Your Lucky Day
Make Money Blogging
Make Money Online Blogging
Make Money Online With Jean Harris
Malachi Sky Bibel
Maldives Live
Mature Not Senile
Media Morgue
Mero Guff
Mi Blog
Michael Aulia's Blog
Mike Villar
Mimzie's Muzings
Mini Wisdom
Moms Check Nyo
Money Maker
Money Making Blog
Moon Goddess Lae
More Than Bargains
Mother's Got A Dot Com
Mouse Clone
Mr. Nice Guy
Music From The Pants
Musing Of The Lame
Musings by Melinda Zook
My Blog Content
My Business Credit Journey..
My Frakkin Blog
My Investing Blog
My Own Circle Of Confusion
My Wife And Twins
Nature's Cradle
Need More Rage
Negative Negative Positive
Net News Publisher For World News
Newz Around Us
Not In My Book
Obesity Therapy
Obscure History
Observations on Wrestling & MMA
Observing Hermann
Off Grid Living
Phoenix Radio Blog
Official Blog Of
Oh My Aching Debts
On The Bricks
Online Epiphany
Online With Michelle
Oxy Moran
Palms Of My Hands
Pamps' Blog Corner
Playtime Central
PlotDog Press
Points of Convergence
Pounding Heartbeat
Princessa @ Sabrina.SG
Psychedelic Adventure
Random Musings Of A Deranged Soul
Rational Outrage
Ready To Be Rich
Rebellious Arab Girl
Recipe For A Sexy Marriage
Red State Update
Residual Matters
Reviewing Delightful Baby & Toddler..
Ringtailed Squeakers
Rock With Rick
S h u A 2008
Second Life Update
Sensory Over Load
SEO Snack
Sex and The Ivy
SexyAds Blog
Singaporean Tai-Tais
Six 4 Paula
Slightly Mordant
So Now What?
Something From Some Unfamous Body
Sometimes Life Can Be Absurd
Sometimes Perfection Can Be..
Stay At Home Mom
Steeljac Scribe
Steven Humour
Stinky John Jones
Stir The Cauldron
Stock Market Investing News..
Tales Of A Neurotic 30 Something
Talk Price
Telecommuting Journal
The (Other) End Of The Internet
The Aging Disco Diva
The Ambitious Blogger..
The Aspacio's
The Baby In Between
The Blog Reviewer
The Club Crawler Blog And Review
The Cyprus Blog
The Dambusters
The Date Girl Diaries
The Entrecarder
The Freelance Guru
The Love Blog by Vancouver Blogger..
The Money Mastermind Club
The Phaup, Turner and Thigpen..
The Power Within
The Rabbit Whisperer
The Relationship Experts
The SoundToday Blogspot
The Thin Red Line
The Work From Home Professional
They Call Me Mama
Thoughts In Chaos
Timothy Adam Designs
Trainee Trader
Turnip Of Power
Twisted Sister
U3 Applications
Unique Log
Unpredictable Life
Untreatable's Blog
Under The Sun
Vivid Lamp
Voices Of The American Shift Workers
Wanted: Entrecard Widget
WANTED: Guest Bloggers!
Wisdom Hypnosis
Woobie The Evil Woobie
World For Fun
Worldwide Travel Blog
Your Best Life

Friday, April 18, 2008

How To Attract Visitors to Your Site

You don't have to spend tons of money to attract visitors and read your blog. You don't even have to spend a penny or even a cent. All you need is creativity and redesigning. When I mean creativity and designing, it doesn't necessarily mean redesigning your website but it would also help if you have a good design. I'm talking about your titles and a few attractions that can be added to your post.

Here's my first tip. Reconstruct your post title. Study it. Just ask yourself, if you are a reader, what kind of title will make you read an article. For example, you have a post about earning money online. And your title is "Earn $1000 a day online". For experienced bloggers, this title will be unnoticed. They know that it will just be another scam or a post that doesn't even help you earn money. Earning $1000 a day online is possible BUT unbelievable. I'm not telling that posts like these are not true. But most of them really don't help at all. In short, it's an overused title. Don't write overused titles. Try to reconstruct them and make it believable.

My second tip will be putting some photos on your posts. Adding a photo helps a lot. Remember the saying "Action speaks louder than words"? It's the same as "photos tell it all". A good example would be this post I made - Latest Pinay Scandal. The title itself caught a lot of readers' attention. But others was caught by the picture. It doesn't really have to be this kind of topic and photo. My point is put a photo that stands by itself. Meaning that just by looking at the photo, the reader already understands what it is all about. Chances are, they'll click it and read for more.

After doing these tips, you have to submit it to blog directories, Digg, Stumble, and all groups and sites you know that gives traffic. In no time, you'll be getting comments, visitors and traffic.

Traffic TIps with A Contest

It's been a while since I posted an article about traffic tips. So I would like to share tip that some bloggers are using. Of course, there sites to help you gain traffic like Stumble, Entrecard and Sitehoppin, but there's also another way to increase it by making a contest. It doesn't only help your site to be productive but at the same time, you are helping others that are joining your contest. How are helping them? In every contest, there's a winner. And for every winner, there should be a prize. So you decide on what prize you are capable of giving. You can give credits from entrecard, or maybe a free ad of their site posted on your site or maybe some cash. You just don't give those prizes for nothing. In return, people will be returning to your site because of these contest. You can also create a contest that involves searching your site. This way, you let them read your site and maybe even attract them so they'll be back not for the contest, but for the posts you made.

I must admit, I'm one of those guys who sometimes visit a site, then leaves if nothing catches my eye quickly. And I'm sure there are a lot out there like me. By involving your site in your contest, you are allowing them to read some of your post. Chances are, they'll find something interesting. Just make sure that you have good contents.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Contest # 03

Contest # 03

Search my site and give me the exact URL(from my site) of the question:

"Do you attract the kind of people that you would be happy to have in a relationship (lover, friend)?"

clue: try to figure out what title this phrase will fit into.

Along with the answer, include the URL and name of your site.

A Rocker's Girly Song

This week's theme is about Mariah Carey's songs. Mariah's always been known for her wide range and her famous whistle. So who did better this week? According to the judges, the boys dominated and took over. I might as well agree with their comments. But even though the boys took over, I think everybody stood up. almost everybody. To start off, David Archuleta started the show with a bang. The judges loved it. And thought it was one of the best performances of the night. Ok, I will not go into full details. Let me just summarize the show and tell you how it went. I would have to say everybody did a good job. Even Kristy sang her song well. But still, it wasn't enough to put her to safety. Finally, she was eliminated as I predicted on my past posts. I think the people voted the right idols with Kristy and Brooke at the bottom two. I even thought that Brooke's the next one to go with her solo performance. She seemed to be nervous as you can really see that she wasn'tt confident and she, playing the piano, didn't help at all.

So Kristy was eliminated. Enough about the elimination. I'd like to talk about the person who stood out. Who would have thought, that a pure rocker would sing a Mariah Carey song? And not just any Mariah Carey song, but the song "Always be my baby". The title doesn't sound like it should be sung by a rocker. But David Cook proved us wrong. He didn't only change the song, but he owned it. And for the first time, Randy stood up on his seat. This performance reminded me of another singing contest. If you saw "Rock Star: INXS", you would probably notice the same situation where Marty Casey, a pure rocker, sang the song "Hit me baby one more time" by Britney Spears. And I love that performance. As of now, I would pick the two Davids to win this season, David Archuleta and David Cook.

Here are the videos of two rockers of different shows singing an unusual rock song:

David Cook - Always Be My Baby

Marty Casey - Hit Me Baby One More Time

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Social Influence

Relationships.. Gotta Have Them!?

Monday, April 14, 2008

American Idol's Lucky 7

Every week it gets very emotional for the contestants of American Idol. Most of the time, the idols are shocked due to the results of the votes. Is America really choosing the right performer to win American Idol. We'll soon find out. Here's my thoughts and rankings on the remaining idols:

David Cook, I believe, has a chance to win the contest. Why? He has the charisma, the star quality of a performer, and the great rocker voice with a wide range. Overall, if American Idol is not just about popularity contest, David Cook has a big chance to win it. But recently, based on his performance last week, the judges didn't quite get it. But still manage to earn a spot for this week's show.

So here's what I have to say. If the contest is based on popularity and a good voice, I'll have to rank David Archuleta as one. But I don't think it should be based more on popularity. Don't get me wrong. Archuleta is a good singer. He performs quite well but sometimes the song just don't match his style, but still, people love him. Popularity will let him stay longer and might even win the contest.

The third spot belongs to Carly Smithson. Of all the contestants, I think Carly has the strongest voice and the widest range. The only thing that's lacking is charisma or as Simon would say, "star quality". She was almost eliminated last week just because of the song choice. I still don't believe that this should be based every week but instead, as an overall performance. Carly could also win if she gets the attention of the voters.

Syesha Mercado will be on the fourth rank. Like Carly, Syesha has a wide range. Remember the audition when she lost her voice? She reserved it and came back with avengeance. That caught my attention as I personally awaits her performance every week. But again, what's lacking is charisma and popularity. American Idol is not only a singing contest but it's a popularity contest. That's why sometimes, the best singer gets eliminated.

On the fifth spot, we have Jason Castro. A laid back singer who most of the time plays the guitar. Jason's been consistent. He is in the "not bad" and "not great" level. He sings the songs quite good and no flats or anything. The problem is that he doesn't want to leave his comfort zone. Last week might be his best performance. He picked "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". A safe song but he sang it very well.

On my sixth place will be Brooke White. For the past few weeks, Brooke has been inconsistent on the way she sings and performs. Sometimes it's the song choice that keeps her in the game. But the singing, you'll hear her shaky voice which is not really nice. I didn't quite like her last performance. But I was surprised that the judges thought that it's just ok withoutany negative comments.

I'll put Kristy Lee Cook on the seventh place. Why? Let's face it, she always ends up in the bottom three most of the time. Secondly, I think the rest of the performers are better than her regarding on singing and performing. I think if she doesn't do something extra ordinary, it''ll be goodbye for her.

Those are my thoughts and rankings on the remaining finalists of American Idol. Yes, this is my rankings, but you really can't tell what will happen in the next few weeks. Who knows, my rankings might be the opposite of the results of the show.

Opinions on Strategies

What should be the best topic to gain more traffic to your site? Let me start by telling you this. Each of the readers are different. Some would like to read about sports, news, entertainment, money, etc.. In short, it's hard to please everyone. Is there a right or wrong? Still, we are not sure. One thing is for sure, whatever topic you are concentrating on, make the best out of it by making it interesting. I have read a lot of tips about this topic. They sounded that they know everything. Don't get me wrong, but I'm just one of those bloggers who also doesn't know what's the best topic for a blog. Is it money? Maybe for some. For now, I only write about things that I love and I am sure of. These are only my opinions. And I just share them to you.

One thing I don't like about other bloggers is that they sounded that they know everything on what's best and how to create a great blog. I just read a post a couple of days ago about this person who wrote about how to have a good blog/site or something like that. She was against a lot of things which I didn't agree on. She was also bias on what host your using and if you are monetizing your blog and other stuffs she doesn't like. She wrote that if she saw something that she mentioned that she doesn't like, she'll leave and never bother to read your post. The worst part is, she writes as if she forcing you to follow her tips. I didn't find it as tips but more like a discrimination.

I have some questions to ask.

1. Will you leave a site if you see that he/she is using a free host site?
2. Will you leave a site if it is monetizing the blog?
3. WIll you leave a site if it is using a template?
4. Will you leave a site if you saw some google ads in it?
5. Will you leave a site if you saw some youtube links?
6. Will you leave a site if it contains news or reviews or any helpful informations?
7. Will you leave a site if it is not a personal blog or experience?

Here are my thoughts and my "personal opinions".

1. There's nothing wrong about using a free host site. Some people find it easy using free host sites and some doesn't want to spend. If they want their own domain, it's really up to them. It's the content that really matters. Some free host sites are even more famous than those with their own domain name.

2. There's nothing wrong with monetizing your site. That's your blog, and if you want to earn with it, that's fine as long as contains good posts. People are after the posts not the things around it. Sometimes ads even helps your readers find what they are looking for.

3. There's nothing wrong to use a template. Some of the bloggers don't know how to use html codes.

4. There's nothing wrong about using the techniques and tips on where to place your adsense. It's called, strategy. You can find this strategy across the web which means, it's not illegal.

5. There's nothing wrong if you want to share a link from youtube. Maybe you shared it because it is needed.

6. There's nothing wrong if you write about reviews, news or informations as long as it is in your own words and not copied. I think it is even better that this is included in your blogs because you'll be able to help those people who don't know where to find this informations.

7. There's nothing wrong if you don't write your own personal experiences in your blog. You can write whatever you want. Some people may be interested with your personal life but some are not.

Again, these are just my personal opinions and it's up to you if you agree or not with my thoughts. You can't please everyone. And you can't let anyone decide what to do with your blog. All are tips and opinions only. In the end, you are still the one that should choose on which you would like to follow.

I would like to hear your comments. I know some might agree with me and some will not.

Shopping Cart Software

If you are a merchant who sells online and wants to use a user friendly and cheap shopping cart software, I highly recommend Ashop Commerce shopping cart software. It is an ecommerce software that generates more sales with a professional image. I would like to start off with the basics. Here's what I thought with Ashop Commerce shopping cart software. It's a great software because it has the user friendly features which means it's easy to use but still effective and quality is the same unlike other softwares that gives you so many complications before you can actually do what you want. Aside from the user friendly feature, it's also very affordable. Just by being practical, you'll definitely choose the cheaper software that offers the same(probably better) quality rather than choosing the more expensive one.

Let me just get into smaller details specially on the price. The Ashop Commerce provides you updates for free unlike other softwares that charge you for updates. And if you are a merchant who is developing an online store from scratch, a big amount of time and money will definitely be wasted. With Ashop Commerce, as I have said before, it's easy to use with the ability to create your own design for your personal taste.

If you are still not convince, they are offering you to try it for free. You can check their website as they offer a 10 day free trial for their product. Everything to gain and nothing to lose. Start your online store with Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart Software.

Torrie WIlson Will Never Wrestle Again

Ever wondered where Torrie Wilson is now? I just noticed that I haven't seen Torrie for quite some time now. I even thought she went to TNA. To WWE fans, I have a good and bad news for you. The good news is, she didn't go anywhere and is still with WWE. The bad news is, she will never wrestle again. Torrie took a time off last November to undergo physical therapy in relation to a previous back injury. According to two back surgeons, if Torrie wants to be healthy in the later years, she must not set foot in a wrestling ring again.

Torrie started her wrestling career in 1999 after she won Miss Galaxy in 1998. She worked for WCW until 2001. She continued her career in WWE on the same year until today.

As of now, Torrie's doing fine now regarding on her back problems. But she admitted that she was quite depressed that she cannot wrestle again. She even mentioned that sometimes she asks herself why she put her body on the line for the past few years. But still answered that everything wass worth it and everything can't be traded, the experiences, friends, and great life.

Smorty Benefits Advertisers and Bloggers

We all know that with the internet, anything is possible. From informations, games, videos, pictures, advertisement, and of course blogging. Having mentioned advertisement and blogging, the two can benefit from each other. And this is where Smorty comes in. Smorty connects the bloggers and advertisers. Here's how it works. Advertisers advertise for different reasons. Traffic, customers and exposure. They can't get all of these if they don't have banners, ads, or any commercial exposure on the net. So these advertisers submit their site to Smorty to be reviewed by bloggers and to get more exposure. Smorty, then post their submitted site to blogging opportunities to its members. Interested bloggers can take or reject these submitted sites to be reviewed. Once, it is taken, it will be posted on the site of the blogger.

So how does it benefit each other? Advertisers pays the bloggers for posting and reviewing their site or product. Bloggers post the review on their blogs/site so other people can read it and will get more exposure. It's a give and take situation. It's a great way to blog for money and a great way to advertise your product on blogs. So if you are a blogger or an advertiser, you can definitely benefit from Smorty.

What else does Smorty offer? There's another way to earn with Smorty. It's called the referral program. You can post banners of Smorty in your blog. When a blogger clicks the banner, signs up and writes campaigns, you will earn a 5% commission of their blogger payment. And the best part is, there's no expiration date. Meaning, you'll get commission for life for every successful post of your referred blogger.

So if you are a blogger who wants to get paid for blogging or an advertiser who wants to advertise on blogs, I recommend Smorty, a great site that benefits both parties.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Are you an avid fan of pro wrestling? If yes, then you probably know WWE/WWF, WCW, NWA, TNA, and ECW just to name a few. Going back to the 90's era, WWE formerly known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation) was going head to head with it's rival WCW (World Championship Wrestling). The two companies were known as the "Big Two". WWF were known for their new wrestlers that were being promoted to headline the company while WCW were known for the already famous wrestlers that mostly came from WWF.

I was a fan of WWE back then and up to now. And to tell you the truth, I really didn't know that WCW existed during those times. Cable TV wasn't that famous during the early 90's. And I could only watch WWF on local channels and watch pay per views on VHS tapes by renting them. There were no signs of WCW here in my place. So I kept watching these very delayed telecast(maybe weeks or months) shows of WWF on TV. Then one day, my cousin said that I should stop watching WWF because there's a new wrestling show that's going to take over. He even mentioned that Hulk Hogan 's there already and other famous WWF superstars. But I didn't believe him because he always tell stories that aren't true. Few years later, I have finally seen the show on TV. And I was amused as I saw the wrestlers that I watched when I was a kid. Yes, it's true WCW.

The only thing that bothered me was that it looks so dark and has an underground setting that doesn't seem to please me. But I still continued to watch both shows. It was a great rivalry for the both companies. And then the final day came. WCW has been bought by Vince McMahon. To know more of the story, try watching "Monday Night Wars". It's one of the best documentaries of WWE for me. So, is it over? WWE finally won? Maybe.. until TNA, slowly but surely becoming the next WCW.

Wrestlers that weren't accepted by WWE joined TNA and other wrestlers who didn't want to join WWE also went to TNA. A new rivalry? No question about it. Wrestlers that were not happy with WWE began to join TNA. Christian, Kurt Angle, Booker T are just some of their latest acquisitions. And recently, there are news that the released Bobby Lashley is the next one to join them. Sometimes it's not about the money any more. It's about wanting to be on top. I must admit, some talents of WWE are not being used properly. Some of these guys have potential but are not being given a fair chance. Others that are being pushed are not doing well enough. You really can't blame any one. WWE have many wrestlers. It's hard to give them all a shot. It's really about how you portray your character.

Some wrestlers aren't happy with their companies so they try to go for the big switch. It happens. And when they do, the other company welcomes them and puts them on top. It usually starts like this in the beginning but you'll be lucky if you stay on top for long. In the end, it's still the fans who will decide who they want to see on top. It's still the fans who will decide, what show they want to watch.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

TV Shows Are Back

Did the strike affect your schedule as a viewer? Why not try answering this survey.

"Dream On" - Michael Johns

It's the end of the road for Michael Johns as he got the lowest vote and was eliminated in American Idol. But as the song say, "Dream On". Another emotional night for American Idol. It gets very emotional every week. But someone has to go. In my review on their last performance, I said that Carly and Michael Johns might be at the bottom. And I was right. And the people did actually listened to the judges. According to the judges, Carly, Michael and Syesha were not on their game that night. But do you really based it on every performance? I think most of you will agree that these three singers are better than some of the idols that were safe.

The first time I heard Johns sing, I was amazed and he began to be one of my favorites. But as the show went on, he was not that consistent but still was better than some of these remaining idols. It may be the end for American Idol for him, but it's the beginning of his new journey. His dreams may still come true. It's not the end.. dream on..

Contest # 02

Contest # 02

Name the title of the song and artist of the given lyrics:

"lady, won't you save me
my heart belongs to you
lady, can you forgive me
for all i've done to you
lady, oh lady.."

You can post your answer together with your URL and name of your site on "comments".

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pay Per Post

The question is, why do we blog? There are a lot of reasons on why we blog. It could be for personal or business matters. But whatever the reason is, blogging has been a big part of internet. Blogging serves as an internet diary, a review, advertising purposes and the list just could go on. But what some bloggers don't know is that they can earn money for blogging. Yes, you earn for writing what you love. And one way is by submitting your blog to PayPerPost. What is it exactly? They give you a topic that you like, then you write something about it and then you earn. Three simple steps. Blog ethics is a must when you submit a post. What does it mean? It's the principles of writing an article. Being honest with yourself and your readers and disclosure with your advertisers.

If you have been blogging for a few months or even just for a few weeks, I bet that you have noticed some sites having the widget Payperpost. That's how I discovered PPP. The name itself tells everything about it. Get paid for posting. A very catchy name, why not apply my blog and maybe I'll earn while I write what I love. And luckily, I have been approved and site is now officially a member of PPP.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fake Entrecard Widget

If you are an Entrecard dropper, I think you also experienced what I have experienced. I clicked this fake Entrecard widget. A sign that has Z solutions in it. It's not illegal or anything but it's a way of spamming and cheating just to increasing traffic in your site. And most of all, it annoys a lot of Entrecard droppers for misleading them to that site. I have been a victim of this several times and I'm sure I am not the only one. So if you see this ad on a site, DO NOT CLICK on it. There are several ways of increasing traffic to your site but spamming and cheating is not the best way. In fact, it could be the downfall of your site. Once droppers discover this, it's the end and they stop visiting your site because they are all annoyed with your strategy. I would like to give credit Humane Blogging Tips for posting this on his/her blog. I have noticed this widget for quite some time now and Humane Blogging Tips gave me the urged to spread this.

My biggest question is, who are the people or person supporting this widget and placing it to their sites. If you are a regular dropper, you'll notice that it is spread around to different sites. I'm wondering if these sites with these widgets have only one owner. A blogger who created many sites and place this widget to each and every site he has. One thing is for sure, sooner or later, all Entrecard droppers will find out your fake widget and ban your site. It's just a matter of time.

Contest # 01

Contest # 01

Who was the last girlfriend of Stevie Ray Vaughan before he died?

You can answer this by leaving a comment on this post.

Inspirational Songs for Idols

The idols were ask to choose inspirational songs this week and here are my thoughts and reviews about the show. I'm starting off with Michael Johns who sang "Dream On". A very tough song to sing and for me he didn't quite give justice to the song and might be a little bit in danger this week. Syesha, took also a challenging song, "I believe". It was the winning piece of Fantasia during season 3. Again, the judges compared her to the artist and they just didn't get connected. I must disagree on this one. I thought she sang it really good and must not be compared with the original. Jason Castro sang the song "Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. A very safe song for me but surprisingly, the judges loved it. Everybody has their own opinion.

David Cook took on "Innocent". For me it wasn't his best performance and I don't know if he'll be remembered with that song. He kinda lost his rock image a little on this one. The young kid, David Archuleta, sang "Angels" and I think he'll be safe based on his performance. And with the ladies supporting him, I think I won't be seeing him in the bottom 3 anywhere this next few weeks.

Kristy Lee Cook, she's not the strongest and I feel she'll be gone any time now but this week, she did quite well with her song, "Anyway". The powerful Carly Smithson sang the Queen's song "Show Must Go On". And unfortunately, the judges didn't quite like it and felt she over sang the song. She might even be in the bottom 3. Last but not the least, Brooke White. She sang "You Got A Friend". Honestly, for me, it was a little pitchy and she wasn't comfortable at all singing it. But the judges thought it was ok. The big question now is, who's next to go?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Entrecard 300 Sites Quick Drops(1)

I'm finally finished with the first batch of my 300 list for entrecard. I'm sharing this for those who want to use it. I'm currently working on the second batch. I'm planning to make at least 3 lists so people will have options to alternate using these least for the reason so that more visitors will drop on them. If you want your site to be included on the 2nd batch, just click comment and leave your URL and name of your site. Here's the 1st batch:

300 Entrecard Drop Sites (1)

.oO";my solitude;"Oo.
101 Celebrations! Celebrity Blog
1st Angel Design
2 Witches Blog
60 Were Enough
A 45 Caliber Blog
A Changing Life
A Gift Of Tongues
A Girl For All Status
A Investor: Buy Sitehoppin's Beer Stock..
A Journey Of Dreams
A Large Moneybites Contest - Over $800…
A Modern Men's Resource
AdikMode RPG Fansite
Alcove de Anggur
Ambushed Thoughts ver3 . 0
Amy Lilley Designs
Android's Dungeon
Angel Psychic Blessings
Anime, Gaming, Videos, and Japanese Pop..
Ankit Arora
Another Chapter
Anti Againg Secret
Anything Under The Sun
Are you There God? It's Me Blogging
Arno Net 2.0
Article Blog - Article
Associate Tactics
Atashi no Koe
Attempts at a Sustainable Lifestyle
Awesome Entertainment
Basketball Notes By Alex
Be Your Own Detective
Beeker's Words
Bittersweet Collide, Alexis meets Aidan
Biyahilo - Tourist Attractions
Blogging Over Coffee
Bloody Computer!
Bluntrapz Blog
Book Calendar
Brittany Spears Blog
Brooklyn NY Lawters Blog
Busted: Celebrity Mugshots
Buy Beer Stocks - Get Free Traffic
Can You Identify Me?
Catholic Pilgrim
CCNBC Online!
Celeb Nipple Slip
Chica & Pumuckl
Chip Flip Jump
Coatable Coats
Competition Time
Consecrated Life
Country and Folk Music
Daisy The Curly Cat
Dance Of Motherhood
Debt Free Revolution
Debunking Obama
DietMe One Pound At A Time
Digg'N For Diamonds
Dinner and a Blog
Dot Com Mogut
Drink Deeply
Drop Yours and Win! Entrecard Credits
Duckeldannys Money Blog
Earncow - Cow Guide To Money..
EcoInsomniac - An inspired change
El Gigante Verdoso
Embrace Simplicity
Enchanted Crafts
Endangered Spaces Blog
Entrecard Blog
Exceldeo's World Of Music
Ez DIY Electricity
Fairy Tale Treasure Shop
Felex Tan Dot Com
Fighting With Writing
FigPress - A Resource For Fantasy..
Fishing Village
Foolsville 2.0
Fox Lake Fishing Blog & Forum, Fishing ..
Free Accessories Tips For All Situations
Free Real Traffic To Your Blog Or Website
Freebie Reporter
Fruit Species
GameDrift - Technology & Gaming..
Gaming & Tools
Geek Load
Geek Mom Mashup
Give To God. Give To Yourself..
Giveaway City
Go Ahead, Read Me..
Gossip Girl Spoilers Gossip Girl Episodes..
Got Wicca Org
Happy Family Matters
Hedge Against Speculation
Herberts Philippinehomepage
Holiday Craft Source
Homeschooling In The Ozarks
Hot And Sexy Girls!
How Panties Define Us
I Know I have The Right To Remain Silent
I'm Not Angry, This is my Relaxed..
Impartial Inc
Indo Contest
Infected Loser
Inspiring Entries
Internet Business Guide
Investigations and Ruminations
iPhone Canada News
It's OK to Be WEIRD!
Ivy League Conservatives
Java Girl
Jeans Women
Jesus Encounter
JIVE Youth! Jesus Inspired, Valuing Eter..
Juliana's Lair
Juliana's World
Jurists Bar Review Center
Kater-Bug Blue
Kay's K9s
Leafshine: Lust For Flower
Learn How 2 Earn
Life Is Short - You Need Python!
Life Momento
Life Of Justin
Life With Kim
Life With Roxxymetal
Lingual Fun
Lisa Reviews
Living Well - Naturally
Look 4 Dream Girls
Love Mysticism Tantric Wisdom
Magical Connections
Majik's Thoughts
Make A Pound
Make Money Online Make Money At Home
Make Money Online with Adsense
Make Money Online with EJ Cooksey
Make Money Online-Work At Home
Making Money Online With Articles
Metal Music Video Blog
Modern Witchcraft School
Momma Muse
Money Online Business Solution
Monkey Fables And Tales
My Absent Mind
My Cornerstone Trio
My Drift
My Online Discoveries
My So Called Life
My Thermos
My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings
My Wii News
Net News Publisher For World News
New York Nitty-Gritty
New York Traveler
No nonsense Ineternet Tips
On The Horizon
Online Cash Make Money Online
Personal Finance Mangement Guide
Pinoy E-Gold
Pinoy Gaming
Pinoy Money Online
Pinoy Showbiz Talk
Pixelated Thoughts
Play Wii
Practical Forex Trading
Pro Blog Reviews
Rainy Day Diamonds
Ramblings of An Undisturbed Mind
Read My Mind
Revenue Robot
Reward Rebel - On My Mind
Scott's Space
Search Engine Panel
Seed Catalogs
Sense To Save
SEO exposed
Sexy Celebrity Wallpapers
Sexy Female Celebrity Features
Sherry Rambling
Shimmer Fantasy Manga
Soundtrack Geek
Spirituality Page
Start, Build & Grow Your Online Business
Staying Well And Alive!
Steeping Beauty - Latina Style Beauty Blog
Stories Poetry Apologetics & Rants
Sue Doe-Nim
Sugar And Sweets
Superficial Gallery
Sustainable Democracy
Taylor's Entertainment News ultimate learning place
Temptations and Ambitions
Terrah's Dawn
Texas RV Travel Blog
TGKC Intelpro Sdn. Bhd.
The Anatomy Of Construction
The AntisocialBuraot
The Best Of Bollywood Masala
The Blog With Anime And Gaming On One..
The Boring, Yet Whimsical Life Of Avery
The Buzz
The Esoterical Journey
The Journey
The Loquaciously Verbose Ramblings..
The Lyrics Hub
The Mag - A Magazine for All Generations
The Marketer Review
The Nook Of Oz
The Sewing Mom
The Strategic Lawyer
The Superheroes Base
The Troll Hunter
The Truth IN Context
The Ultimate Money Blog
The Way It Is
The Way Of the Web
Thinking Outloud
Tip Tail Four Smooth Collies and Two..
Today's World Seen In A Different Light
Top Game Videos
Top Tech Talk
Totally Fabulous
Trainee Trader
Transilvania International Guitar Festival
Trip The Lady
Up The Hill Gang
Veryheaven Ouverture
Virtual Millenium
Visual Kei
Vorazius, b video insaciable
WAHM Work At Home Business Blog..
We Love Nature
Welcome To Anime Magnet
Wicca Warrior
Wicked Youth
Win Money on Internet Just With Clicks
Wired World
World For Fun
Worth The Popcorn
Yearblook / Rankings for..
You Are A Fly On My Wall
You Can Learn Series, Ideas in..
Young Online Millionaire
Your Sport Blogger