Thursday, April 10, 2008

Inspirational Songs for Idols

The idols were ask to choose inspirational songs this week and here are my thoughts and reviews about the show. I'm starting off with Michael Johns who sang "Dream On". A very tough song to sing and for me he didn't quite give justice to the song and might be a little bit in danger this week. Syesha, took also a challenging song, "I believe". It was the winning piece of Fantasia during season 3. Again, the judges compared her to the artist and they just didn't get connected. I must disagree on this one. I thought she sang it really good and must not be compared with the original. Jason Castro sang the song "Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. A very safe song for me but surprisingly, the judges loved it. Everybody has their own opinion.

David Cook took on "Innocent". For me it wasn't his best performance and I don't know if he'll be remembered with that song. He kinda lost his rock image a little on this one. The young kid, David Archuleta, sang "Angels" and I think he'll be safe based on his performance. And with the ladies supporting him, I think I won't be seeing him in the bottom 3 anywhere this next few weeks.

Kristy Lee Cook, she's not the strongest and I feel she'll be gone any time now but this week, she did quite well with her song, "Anyway". The powerful Carly Smithson sang the Queen's song "Show Must Go On". And unfortunately, the judges didn't quite like it and felt she over sang the song. She might even be in the bottom 3. Last but not the least, Brooke White. She sang "You Got A Friend". Honestly, for me, it was a little pitchy and she wasn't comfortable at all singing it. But the judges thought it was ok. The big question now is, who's next to go?