Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol, What's Going On America?

Every week, America surprises me. And guess what? This week, America surprised me again. I would like to start off with Brooke White. For the past few weeks, she has been inconsistent on every performance. Remember the performance "Every breath you take"? She started at a wrong key and started again. At Mariah Carey week, she played the piano but was so nervous that her playing became faster that even messed up a few chords. And this week, didn't get any better. Forgetting the lyrics and starting all over again. In my opinion, the word "American Idol" must have the quality of a star meaning he or she must be a great singer, must have confidence, charisma and performs well. But it seems that American Idol is becoming a popularity contest. Two of the best singers of the contest were at the bottom two, Carly and Syesha. Carly was eliminated. Brooke and Jason were safe. I'm not being bias or anything but I'm just trying to base it on their talents and performances. I just think that more female audiences are watching this season of American Idol that's why the "good looking" boys are safe. David Archuleta and Cook are great singers and performers. Jason is a good singer too but it seems that he is just on his safe zone unlike Archuleta and Cook. The cameras even caught Jason yawn backstage. If the voting will continue like this, Syesha's gone next week no matter how good she sings and performs.


Barry Burns said...

Have to admit I wasn't sure about your blog at first since it covers so many topics. But me and my family watch American Idol together every week, so I was interested in this post. Then started looking at other posts and found a lot of good stuff!

Keep up the good work.