Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Dream On" - Michael Johns

It's the end of the road for Michael Johns as he got the lowest vote and was eliminated in American Idol. But as the song say, "Dream On". Another emotional night for American Idol. It gets very emotional every week. But someone has to go. In my review on their last performance, I said that Carly and Michael Johns might be at the bottom. And I was right. And the people did actually listened to the judges. According to the judges, Carly, Michael and Syesha were not on their game that night. But do you really based it on every performance? I think most of you will agree that these three singers are better than some of the idols that were safe.

The first time I heard Johns sing, I was amazed and he began to be one of my favorites. But as the show went on, he was not that consistent but still was better than some of these remaining idols. It may be the end for American Idol for him, but it's the beginning of his new journey. His dreams may still come true. It's not the end.. dream on..


c0rin said...

I loved Michael! I can't believe he got eliminated!!! Grrr! Sometimes I don't get AI!

auts11 said...

I think Michael's a good singer, and he still deserves to be in the contest. But it's the people's decision which sometimes we really don't get. And I agree with you.