Monday, April 14, 2008

American Idol's Lucky 7

Every week it gets very emotional for the contestants of American Idol. Most of the time, the idols are shocked due to the results of the votes. Is America really choosing the right performer to win American Idol. We'll soon find out. Here's my thoughts and rankings on the remaining idols:

David Cook, I believe, has a chance to win the contest. Why? He has the charisma, the star quality of a performer, and the great rocker voice with a wide range. Overall, if American Idol is not just about popularity contest, David Cook has a big chance to win it. But recently, based on his performance last week, the judges didn't quite get it. But still manage to earn a spot for this week's show.

So here's what I have to say. If the contest is based on popularity and a good voice, I'll have to rank David Archuleta as one. But I don't think it should be based more on popularity. Don't get me wrong. Archuleta is a good singer. He performs quite well but sometimes the song just don't match his style, but still, people love him. Popularity will let him stay longer and might even win the contest.

The third spot belongs to Carly Smithson. Of all the contestants, I think Carly has the strongest voice and the widest range. The only thing that's lacking is charisma or as Simon would say, "star quality". She was almost eliminated last week just because of the song choice. I still don't believe that this should be based every week but instead, as an overall performance. Carly could also win if she gets the attention of the voters.

Syesha Mercado will be on the fourth rank. Like Carly, Syesha has a wide range. Remember the audition when she lost her voice? She reserved it and came back with avengeance. That caught my attention as I personally awaits her performance every week. But again, what's lacking is charisma and popularity. American Idol is not only a singing contest but it's a popularity contest. That's why sometimes, the best singer gets eliminated.

On the fifth spot, we have Jason Castro. A laid back singer who most of the time plays the guitar. Jason's been consistent. He is in the "not bad" and "not great" level. He sings the songs quite good and no flats or anything. The problem is that he doesn't want to leave his comfort zone. Last week might be his best performance. He picked "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". A safe song but he sang it very well.

On my sixth place will be Brooke White. For the past few weeks, Brooke has been inconsistent on the way she sings and performs. Sometimes it's the song choice that keeps her in the game. But the singing, you'll hear her shaky voice which is not really nice. I didn't quite like her last performance. But I was surprised that the judges thought that it's just ok withoutany negative comments.

I'll put Kristy Lee Cook on the seventh place. Why? Let's face it, she always ends up in the bottom three most of the time. Secondly, I think the rest of the performers are better than her regarding on singing and performing. I think if she doesn't do something extra ordinary, it''ll be goodbye for her.

Those are my thoughts and rankings on the remaining finalists of American Idol. Yes, this is my rankings, but you really can't tell what will happen in the next few weeks. Who knows, my rankings might be the opposite of the results of the show.