Friday, April 18, 2008

How To Attract Visitors to Your Site

You don't have to spend tons of money to attract visitors and read your blog. You don't even have to spend a penny or even a cent. All you need is creativity and redesigning. When I mean creativity and designing, it doesn't necessarily mean redesigning your website but it would also help if you have a good design. I'm talking about your titles and a few attractions that can be added to your post.

Here's my first tip. Reconstruct your post title. Study it. Just ask yourself, if you are a reader, what kind of title will make you read an article. For example, you have a post about earning money online. And your title is "Earn $1000 a day online". For experienced bloggers, this title will be unnoticed. They know that it will just be another scam or a post that doesn't even help you earn money. Earning $1000 a day online is possible BUT unbelievable. I'm not telling that posts like these are not true. But most of them really don't help at all. In short, it's an overused title. Don't write overused titles. Try to reconstruct them and make it believable.

My second tip will be putting some photos on your posts. Adding a photo helps a lot. Remember the saying "Action speaks louder than words"? It's the same as "photos tell it all". A good example would be this post I made - Latest Pinay Scandal. The title itself caught a lot of readers' attention. But others was caught by the picture. It doesn't really have to be this kind of topic and photo. My point is put a photo that stands by itself. Meaning that just by looking at the photo, the reader already understands what it is all about. Chances are, they'll click it and read for more.

After doing these tips, you have to submit it to blog directories, Digg, Stumble, and all groups and sites you know that gives traffic. In no time, you'll be getting comments, visitors and traffic.


nepspeed82 said...

He he he. I'm still struggling with making a good headline for my blog. But nonetheless I think it's a good tip.

I'd also like to add the use of keywords within your posts to get some additional traffic from the search engines. I'm aware of the idea for a long time but find it difficult to do in my own blog because it doesn't come to me naturally. But it's worth a try since a lot of useless blogs or splogs gain huge traffic by simply using keywords effectively.

auts11 said...

Thanks for the comment and also for the additional tips. I agree with what you've shared.

Da Old Man said...

Very useful information.