Monday, April 14, 2008

Smorty Benefits Advertisers and Bloggers

We all know that with the internet, anything is possible. From informations, games, videos, pictures, advertisement, and of course blogging. Having mentioned advertisement and blogging, the two can benefit from each other. And this is where Smorty comes in. Smorty connects the bloggers and advertisers. Here's how it works. Advertisers advertise for different reasons. Traffic, customers and exposure. They can't get all of these if they don't have banners, ads, or any commercial exposure on the net. So these advertisers submit their site to Smorty to be reviewed by bloggers and to get more exposure. Smorty, then post their submitted site to blogging opportunities to its members. Interested bloggers can take or reject these submitted sites to be reviewed. Once, it is taken, it will be posted on the site of the blogger.

So how does it benefit each other? Advertisers pays the bloggers for posting and reviewing their site or product. Bloggers post the review on their blogs/site so other people can read it and will get more exposure. It's a give and take situation. It's a great way to blog for money and a great way to advertise your product on blogs. So if you are a blogger or an advertiser, you can definitely benefit from Smorty.

What else does Smorty offer? There's another way to earn with Smorty. It's called the referral program. You can post banners of Smorty in your blog. When a blogger clicks the banner, signs up and writes campaigns, you will earn a 5% commission of their blogger payment. And the best part is, there's no expiration date. Meaning, you'll get commission for life for every successful post of your referred blogger.

So if you are a blogger who wants to get paid for blogging or an advertiser who wants to advertise on blogs, I recommend Smorty, a great site that benefits both parties.

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