Monday, April 14, 2008

Opinions on Strategies

What should be the best topic to gain more traffic to your site? Let me start by telling you this. Each of the readers are different. Some would like to read about sports, news, entertainment, money, etc.. In short, it's hard to please everyone. Is there a right or wrong? Still, we are not sure. One thing is for sure, whatever topic you are concentrating on, make the best out of it by making it interesting. I have read a lot of tips about this topic. They sounded that they know everything. Don't get me wrong, but I'm just one of those bloggers who also doesn't know what's the best topic for a blog. Is it money? Maybe for some. For now, I only write about things that I love and I am sure of. These are only my opinions. And I just share them to you.

One thing I don't like about other bloggers is that they sounded that they know everything on what's best and how to create a great blog. I just read a post a couple of days ago about this person who wrote about how to have a good blog/site or something like that. She was against a lot of things which I didn't agree on. She was also bias on what host your using and if you are monetizing your blog and other stuffs she doesn't like. She wrote that if she saw something that she mentioned that she doesn't like, she'll leave and never bother to read your post. The worst part is, she writes as if she forcing you to follow her tips. I didn't find it as tips but more like a discrimination.

I have some questions to ask.

1. Will you leave a site if you see that he/she is using a free host site?
2. Will you leave a site if it is monetizing the blog?
3. WIll you leave a site if it is using a template?
4. Will you leave a site if you saw some google ads in it?
5. Will you leave a site if you saw some youtube links?
6. Will you leave a site if it contains news or reviews or any helpful informations?
7. Will you leave a site if it is not a personal blog or experience?

Here are my thoughts and my "personal opinions".

1. There's nothing wrong about using a free host site. Some people find it easy using free host sites and some doesn't want to spend. If they want their own domain, it's really up to them. It's the content that really matters. Some free host sites are even more famous than those with their own domain name.

2. There's nothing wrong with monetizing your site. That's your blog, and if you want to earn with it, that's fine as long as contains good posts. People are after the posts not the things around it. Sometimes ads even helps your readers find what they are looking for.

3. There's nothing wrong to use a template. Some of the bloggers don't know how to use html codes.

4. There's nothing wrong about using the techniques and tips on where to place your adsense. It's called, strategy. You can find this strategy across the web which means, it's not illegal.

5. There's nothing wrong if you want to share a link from youtube. Maybe you shared it because it is needed.

6. There's nothing wrong if you write about reviews, news or informations as long as it is in your own words and not copied. I think it is even better that this is included in your blogs because you'll be able to help those people who don't know where to find this informations.

7. There's nothing wrong if you don't write your own personal experiences in your blog. You can write whatever you want. Some people may be interested with your personal life but some are not.

Again, these are just my personal opinions and it's up to you if you agree or not with my thoughts. You can't please everyone. And you can't let anyone decide what to do with your blog. All are tips and opinions only. In the end, you are still the one that should choose on which you would like to follow.

I would like to hear your comments. I know some might agree with me and some will not.


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