Sunday, April 13, 2008


Are you an avid fan of pro wrestling? If yes, then you probably know WWE/WWF, WCW, NWA, TNA, and ECW just to name a few. Going back to the 90's era, WWE formerly known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation) was going head to head with it's rival WCW (World Championship Wrestling). The two companies were known as the "Big Two". WWF were known for their new wrestlers that were being promoted to headline the company while WCW were known for the already famous wrestlers that mostly came from WWF.

I was a fan of WWE back then and up to now. And to tell you the truth, I really didn't know that WCW existed during those times. Cable TV wasn't that famous during the early 90's. And I could only watch WWF on local channels and watch pay per views on VHS tapes by renting them. There were no signs of WCW here in my place. So I kept watching these very delayed telecast(maybe weeks or months) shows of WWF on TV. Then one day, my cousin said that I should stop watching WWF because there's a new wrestling show that's going to take over. He even mentioned that Hulk Hogan 's there already and other famous WWF superstars. But I didn't believe him because he always tell stories that aren't true. Few years later, I have finally seen the show on TV. And I was amused as I saw the wrestlers that I watched when I was a kid. Yes, it's true WCW.

The only thing that bothered me was that it looks so dark and has an underground setting that doesn't seem to please me. But I still continued to watch both shows. It was a great rivalry for the both companies. And then the final day came. WCW has been bought by Vince McMahon. To know more of the story, try watching "Monday Night Wars". It's one of the best documentaries of WWE for me. So, is it over? WWE finally won? Maybe.. until TNA, slowly but surely becoming the next WCW.

Wrestlers that weren't accepted by WWE joined TNA and other wrestlers who didn't want to join WWE also went to TNA. A new rivalry? No question about it. Wrestlers that were not happy with WWE began to join TNA. Christian, Kurt Angle, Booker T are just some of their latest acquisitions. And recently, there are news that the released Bobby Lashley is the next one to join them. Sometimes it's not about the money any more. It's about wanting to be on top. I must admit, some talents of WWE are not being used properly. Some of these guys have potential but are not being given a fair chance. Others that are being pushed are not doing well enough. You really can't blame any one. WWE have many wrestlers. It's hard to give them all a shot. It's really about how you portray your character.

Some wrestlers aren't happy with their companies so they try to go for the big switch. It happens. And when they do, the other company welcomes them and puts them on top. It usually starts like this in the beginning but you'll be lucky if you stay on top for long. In the end, it's still the fans who will decide who they want to see on top. It's still the fans who will decide, what show they want to watch.