Thursday, April 10, 2008

Contest # 01

Contest # 01

Who was the last girlfriend of Stevie Ray Vaughan before he died?

You can answer this by leaving a comment on this post.


anonymum said...

Janna Lapidus

Anonymum said...

I won! Thank you! And i appreciate the banner in your sidebar, but, and I ahte to say it, the link is wrong..I've left the right one for you here..I normally change my URL when I comment on Blogger, but I forgot...sorry!
And thanks again!

auts11 said...

Please don't forget to leave your URL and name of the site along with the answer.

Word Smith said...

Janna Lapidus so how do I sign up?

What an awesome loss man I just loved his fingers.

auts11 said...

I totally agree with you. About the contest, Anonymum already won and answered it correctly. I'll be posting another question later. All you have to do is write the answer together with your URL and name of your site. Post your answer and details on comments. Thanks!