Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kane And The Undertaker, The Champions

I have watched Smackdown last Friday and felt good about how it ended. As we all know, before Wrestlemania, Edge was the World champion and Chavo was the ECW champion. Both were being connected because of the Guerrero storyline. And both lost their titles at Wrestlemania. Last Friday, I just discovered that their opponents were also connected. Of course, Kane and Undertaker, The Brothers of Destruction. You may say that I'm dumb or too slow to figure it out but it only came to me when I watched Smackdown.

So Vicky set the main event, Kane vs. Undertaker. At the very beginning, I knew this match won't end normally. I smell something fishy and that Edge and the rest will come out. And yes, I am right. They attacked both Kane and the Undertaker until the two were out and down on the mat. And we thought it was over until the brothers stood up and fought back. Here's where the good stuffs came. Kane and the Undertaker choke slammed Chavo and Edge respectively followed by the tombstone piledriver. The brothers raised their hands with their belts and walked away. But before they totally went backstage, a last glance at their enemies and then the show ended. I'd rate the show 4 out of 5 just for the awesome ending. I just hope they'll make this storyline interesting so that the ratings will help ECW. We'll just have to wait and see next week.