Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Pregnant Man

For those of you who do not know Thomas Beatie, here's a quick description, a pregnant man. To make it clear, he or should I say she was a woman. Thomas Beatie, half Filipino and half Caucasian, was born a female with the name Tracy LaGondino. He fell in love with Nancy, his wife now, when he was in Hawaii. Unfortunately, same sex marriages are not legal there. So you guessed it right, Tracy became Thomas with a sex change. Beatie had testosterone therapy and chest reconstruction surgery, but retained his female genitalia.

So the couple decided to have a family but they weren't lucky enough as Nancy was unable to conceive. So Beatie decided to carry the baby even though he is legally recognized as a male. It took him two attempts at artificial insemination in order to become pregnant effectively and safely. And to convince you that this is no joke, nine doctors were involved in the pregnancy. Due date will be on July 3, 2008. Here's a video of his appearance on Oprah.


NanoGeek said...

Dude that is freaking crazy.....What the heck...Where did you get that...or have I been under a Virtual Rock.
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Raine said...

Can't beleive it at first.. but I saw it on tv too.. so weird..thanks for visiting my site by the way..:)

Grant said...

that is too strange

asithi said...

I was disturbed by this as well when I saw this on TV. What is going to happen to the kid after birth? Can you imagine him trying to explain it to his friends? It is not as if people will not know, it is on TV after all.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment.

Mimi said...

I'm glad that you actually told the full story because some people aren't. It kind of irritated me that at first people were talking about this like he was a natural born man, who was getting pregnant. Of course he can have a baby, he is/was a woman.

I understand that this is weird, because it shocked me when I first heard it. Bu


Great Post, cool info. keep it up!
and thanks for the LINK on ENTRECARD!

anyway!! "thomas" is a woman.there's no big deal.