Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ramiele Malubay Says Goodbye

After watching the performance night of the Dolly Parton week on American Idol, it's obvious that Ramiele was the least favorite that night. If you listened closely, she was uncomfortable with her singing and there may be some flat or sharp pitches along the song. I wasn't surprised that she was voted out. I'm a Filipino, I'm sad that she's got eliminated, but I won't be bias about it. I think it's her time to go. There may be other options for her and American Idol is one step forward in continuing her dreams.

As for my predictions last time about the Dolly Parton week, I was surprised that the two idols that I mentioned that might be at their strongest were at the bottom three. I'm talking about Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook. Both singers have a flavor of country style on their singing in the past few weeks. But guess what, they were at the bottom three. Which means that no one is really safe. You can be the best this week but you can go home next week. And it's just like that.

I think what they should do is to step up. Don't choose a song just because it's their favorite. But they must choose songs that will show their range and talent. Just like voting, they must choose wisely.