Monday, March 31, 2008

Janna Lapidus LeBlanc

For those who don't know Janna Lapidus LeBlanc, does the name Stevie Ray Vaughan ring the bell? Yes, she was the last girlfriend of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. SRV and Janna met during Vaughan's tour in New Zealand. At that time, Janna was a touring model also in New Zealand. This was the time that SRV had changed for the better. Stevie proposed to Janna at some point in late 1989. Unfortunately, he died in a helicopter crash after after leaving a concert with his brother Jimmie, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Robert Cray held at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin in August 27, 1990.

Janna traveled and continued to model around the world. She modeled in Australia, USA, Europe and Japan. She also starred in movies like The Out of Towners, which was released in 1999 where she played the role as a Central Park Woman, and Whipped, which was released in 2000 where she played the role of a thief.

TNA Impact - The Video Game

Good news for "not so old" console owners. The new wrestling game, TNA Impact, will be available for PS2 and Wii aside from PS3 and Xbox 360. The Associate Producer, Jaime Bencia, was asked why they brought the new game to PS2 and Wii. To answer a simple question, he said, “It just makes sense. There are 80 to 100 million – I’m not sure what the exact count is, but there are a ridiculous amount of PS2s out there. The truth of the matter is, we don’t want to neglect the fans. We can’t assume that everyone has a PS3 or Xbox 360. TNA is a global product. We want to make sure we get it out to as many people we possibly can. We’re proud of TNA and we’re proud of the product we have right now.”

The game on Wii was more focused on the game controls. Making sure that it is fun to play with and the controls are responsive. As for PS2, they want to make sure that the graphics are close as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions with a frame rate that runs at 60fps.

As of now, things are still being processed and worked out with Point of View. But what's good about the Wii version is that they'll stick with the Wii remote and nunchuck and won't change it. The target release for the game is on Spring this year but according to sources, they might be a little bit behind but will try to simultaneously release the game.

Dolly Parton Week on American Idol

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's country week. It's Dolly Parton week for the American Idol. Dolly's songs will be the theme for this weeks American Idol. But the big question is, what will the idols sing? And most importantly, how will they sing it. For example, how about for the rockers in the contest. Will they change the arrangements or will they stick with country. I can't wait how they'll deliver this week.

In my opinion, the advantage might go to Kristy Lee Cook who has that country feel in her voice. Another idol that might perform with this kind of genre might be Brooke White. But of course, let's not underestimate the rockers and the belters. They always find a way to pull it off every week. And let's not forget, it's not only a singing contest, but it could be a popularity contest. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

WWE and TNA in Orlando Incident

WWE is scheduled to stay in Orlando this weekend. So what does this mean? TNA and WWE are both in the same state. There have been several incidents that happened this past few days regarding both TNA and WWE talents.

One incident was the fan event of WWE at Universal Studios which was just right next to the building where TNA Impact was taping. But apparently, WWE hired security to keep from either company to make contact. Unfortunately, there were still several wrestlers from both companies that were able to convince the securities to talk to their friends from opposite promotion.

And during TNA Impact's show, the camera spotted a WWE superstar. Robbie McAllister was briefly shown in the audience during the live edition of TNA Impact. A graphic referred to him by his real name to prevent any issues that would arise by calling him by his trademarked WWE ring name. After being shown in TV, he left the building.

Last Friday, caught hanging out in an Orlando bar were WWE senior vice president John Laurinaitis and TNA vice president Jeff Jarrett. Superstars like Edge, Christian, Kevin Nash, MVP, Rhino, Karen Angle, Mr. Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, Gail Kim, Scott Steiner, ODB, Traci Brooks, Jeremy Borash and David Penzer. Former WCW wrestler Glacier were also there. Jarrett and Laurinaitis looked surprised when they ran into each other at the bar, but chatted with each other and all of the wrestlers continued to hang out.

And if that's not enough, AJ Styles, Team 3D, Earl Hebner, and Kaz all showed up at WWE's Fan Axxess Tour at Universal studios and told fans to attend the TNA taping over the weekend. WWE officials are already angry over the incidents and have warned their talent to avoid public situations with TNA workers. Vince McMahon made a speech earlier in the week that nobody was to be seen with TNA talent, and Robbie of the Highlanders was actually sent home, but nobody seemed to be concerned with this on Friday night. However, nobody seems to care as wrestlers were caught on hanging out with each other. Maybe Vince should start planning on buying TNA like what he did with WCW don't you think?

Is It Ric Flair's Final Wrestlemania?

Will this be Ric's last Wrestlemania? We'll have to wait and see. But in the mean time, here are some words from other WWE superstars:

"You look back at Ric's career. I think Ric Flair is the best in-ring performer that has ever been in our sport. You look at guys like Hogan who's extremely popular and a money making machine and Steve Austin, but no one had that span that Ric Flair did. For 30 years, this guy has been in a top spot and a top money maker." Matt Hardy said

Cody Rhodes commented, "Any question about Ric Flair is the easiest question to answer because Ric Flair is the greatest of all-time."

Santino Marella said, Ric Flair's passion and love and respect for the industry are infectious. When you get a chance to meet him and be close to him, you really realize where you are."

Tommy Dreamer on why he got in the wrestling business, "The only reason why I'm in this business is because of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. I love those two guys like they're my own dad. It's probably going to be the most emotional night for all the wrestlers watching it."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

How To Avoid Turning Off the Alarm Clock While Sleeping

Are you the type of person who sets the alarm clock but always unconsciously turns it off when it's time to wake up? It happened to me a lot of times. Sometimes I don't even notice that I turned it off. And sometimes we accidentally turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep without knowing it. And when we finally wake up, we're late for work or school. It's hard to be late in school or office or special meetings.

Here's how to avoid it. Cover your alarm clock with an umbrella shaped food cover. This way, you won't unconsciously turn off the alarm. Instead, you have to wake up and figure out how to turn it off. Who would have thought that it's not only good for food but also good for your alarm clock.

You can even improvise if you don't have a food cover. Just make sure that it doesn't affect the sound of your alarm clock and you'll still be able to hear it.

So the next time you go to sleep, you won't be worrying about waking up. But be sure that if you do wake up and turn it off, you won't lie down again. It's simple but effective.

Smackdown vs Raw 2009

THQ Inc. and JAKKS Pacific, Inc. announced that their new game, Smackdown vs Raw 2009 is in development for Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and mobile devices. This time with new features, added depth and downloadable content. If you enjoyed the past titles of Smackdown vs Raw, here's another one that you shouldn't miss. Now with seven platforms, the audience of WWE gamers have expanded.

And now with new features like innovative experiences with tag teams and create a finisher. Before, we were able to create wrestlers, movesets and entrances. Now you can create your own finisher. Details were not yet announced but it's a feature that gamers would surely spend hours on creating.

Another feature that is available on PS3, PS2, PSP and Xbox 360 is the new tag team experience. Now, tag team players are allowed to build momentum and attributes and high impact double team moves shown on the video. And for the first time, co-op storylines for the Road to Wrestlemania mode.

For Wii, match type options were expanded giving new experience for gamers. Another added feature is Superstar control of players during entrances and victory scenes. New weapons were also added with the debut of online gaming.

With new gameplay controls, Nintendo DS utilized the stylus and D-pad to deliver a compelling handheld game experience. Season mode was redesigned to make more like a role-playing approach that enables players to interact with other wrestlers, upgrade their abilities and complete missions. And now with a larger superstar roster, new match types and the Create-A-Superstar to enhance the gameplay.

With new features added, Smackdown vs Raw 2009 is surely to be one of the titles to be reckoned with. "Alone you're great, ogether you're unstoppable."

Carlito leaving WWE?

Carlito's character for the last few months hasn't been good. According to Carlito, it all started when he was made as a babyface in WWE. "Carlito in no way is a babyface. That's where all the trouble started is they made Carlito a babyface, which I was totally against. The character is not a babyface... I'm back in my comfortable surroundings so hopefully it goes well."

He was really close on leaving the company last December. He had his release papers in his hand even at one point. But WWE and Carlito talked and smoothed things out and hopefully 2008 will be a better career for him. Everything is still in progress and under observation on Carlito on whether he'll stay longer with the Company. "Don't get me wrong, WWE is a great company and Vince McMahon is a great guy." Well, maybe we'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, March 28, 2008

How To Be Remembered When Far Away

Are you out of the country? Or do you have a love one who's staying in another country? Here's how to be remembered. Pick any material object that lets him/her remind you of. Spray your perfume over that thing. Put it in a box. Along with your chosen object, put a small container containing an amount of your perfume. Put a letter saying that this gift will be your symbol and that you're always there. The small amount of perfume is for her/him to put on the object in case the scent ran out. Mail it to him/her and I'll bet this will keep her/his cold days warm. Or you can do this while you are still with him/her. Again, just do the procedure. And instead of mailing, just give it to him/her personally before he/she leaves. Try it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol Season 7

I have just watched the latest episode today of American Idol and was shocked that Chikeze was eliminated. A voice that sounded like Luther Vandros. But you really can't blame America for deciding. A lot of the idols were good. But maybe it's not yet time for him to go. The other two idols that were already eliminated were David Hernandez and Amanda Overmyer. Hernandez also has a lot of potential but just didn't pick the right song. It wasn't suited for him. On Amanda Overmyer's case, maybe people got tired of seeing the same Amanda. For me she was unique and nice to watch for a few weeks, but got bored seeing the same thing.

Three gone, nine left. Now here's what I think, if this is based on popularity, David Archuleta might win this. Just observe the audience when he sings. I'm not saying he's a bad singer. In fact, he's doing a great job. Nice and unique voice too. Moving on the rockers, we might be seeing two idols in the contest. David Cook and Michael Johns. I just think that Cook has a little advantage right now over Johns. Fighting for the highest range of voice are Carly and Syesha. They've been doing a good job so far although Syesha was at the bottom three the last time. If you're more on the acoustic type of performer, you might like Brook White and Jason Castro. If you like country music, Kristy Lee Cook is girl for you. Although I believe she'll have to do more effort and strong performances to win this one. And last but not the least, Ramiele Malubay. A small young girl with a big voice. So you decide. Who will you choose this year to become the next American Idol?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PC Down..

Last week was Holy Week. And during Holy Week we do our beliefs such as sacrifices, fasting, and of course praying. In other words, it's a week of doing things you don't usually do. Sacrifices like taking some time off the things you like. And that's what I did.. or should I say, that's what happened to me. I'm a PC person. When I wake up, I open my computer until I go to sleep. That's my lifestyle if I don't go out.

And here's what happened. Last Wednesday, my computer started to crash. Don't know why. Every time I open it, runs for awhile then it stops responding. Then I checked the memory, took it out and put it back in. That's where it all started. This time, I wasn't able to even log in. Every time it checks the memory, it stops. I don't know how to fix it and don't know what to do. It's Holy Week and the PC shops were closed. I have no choice but to wait till Sunday to have it checked. Days passed and finally, it's Sunday. After a lunch date with my family, it's time to go to the computer shop to get it checked. I went to the counter, gave my CPU checked and waited. Waited for an hour I guess. I heard the technician called out my name. Finally, it's done. I only paid $7 for it. I wondered why. Then I asked him what's the problem. He told me, it only needs to be cleaned. A weird look at my face. A sign of regret and happiness. Then I reflected. The Lord taught me a lesson this time. He taught me to sacrifice and reflect. My pc went down and died. It took me till Sunday until I got it fixed. Just like Jesus who died for us and rose from the dead. A lesson that I got from a weird situation.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Earn Money Online

Blogging is a great way for just about anybody to get started in making money online.Although there are many ways to make money online, blogging is one of the best ideas for you to consider. There is no guarantee that you are going to clean up with blogging, but you might as well look into what it has to offer. The fact of the matter is that there are 70 million blogs online today, and this number is growing day in and day out. While not every one of these people is making money with their blog, there are quite a few who are.Blog marketing is one of the hottest home business opportunities around. For this reason, you should continue using blogging if residual income is on your mind.Blogging may be a relatively new way to earn a residual income, but at the same time, it is a great option to consider.

Making money online will happen if you are serious on doing it. Hard work is also a factor. Don't expect a lot if you don't do anything. Be patient because money doesn't come right away. Just be a positive thinker.

Another way of earning money is by placing ads on your websites or blogs. You earn if someone clicks on them. It may sound simple but it's not. Again, hard work is needed. You need to study your site. Where will you place these ads so it can attract lots of people. But before you think of that, make sure you are working also on your traffic. If you have low traffic, chances are, low income. Be sure to create traffic on your site to increase your earnings.

Pay per click sites. These are the sites that requires you to register to them. Then they'll give you a link that you need to view for aroung 30 seconds. Sounds easy isn't. But I need to warn you, there are scams around the net. Be sure to study the offer before you sign in. It will be better if you do your research on that site before signing the program. Hard work, being wise and being patient is the key to become a successful money maker online. Who knows, maybe you'll be one someday.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Manny Pacquiao

Who said I'm only into wrestling and basketball? I really don't watch boxing that much but when it comes to a match involving Manny Pacquiao, just like any other Filipino, I watch it. Right now in the Philippines, there a lot of political issues, crisis, scam, crime, and a lot more negative issues you can think of. But what does it have to do with Manny Pacquiao's match? Everybody stops what they're doing. Crime rate is almost zero during Manny's boxing match. Can you believe it? That's how we support our countrymen. But after the match, it's back to normal.

Maybe Pacquiao should have a match everyweek or maybe even everyday. He can help stop crimes just by boxing. Unite Filipinos against the political issues. Of course that's impossible. We just have to face the reality. At least, for a few hours, he united the Filipinos.

Last Sunday was his fight against Marquez. It's the Pacquiao vs Marquez part 2. It was an awesome but controversial fight. Manny won. Or did he? In the eyes of the judges yes, but for some, it's the other way around. It was so close that it could go either way. Even some Filipinos thought Marquez won the fight. But some accepted it that it was so close, they wouldn't surprise if Marquez won, or Pacquiao won or it's a draw. Maybe if I were on Marquez's side, I would disagree on the decision. That's why he want a rematch. Will there be a Pacquiao vs Marquez 3? Rumors say that Pacquiao will move up on the 135 division. So if Marquez wants a rematch, he just have to follow the path of Pacquiao.. ..the lightweight division.

Monday, March 10, 2008

How To Become A Better Person

I bet each one of us told ourselves that next year, we'll change for the better. No more doing this or that. That's what we wanted to happen but didn't. Here are some tips on how to improve and be a better person.

First things first, never let your emotions get into you. Don't let it take over your decisions especially when you're angry. I'll give you an example. You fought with your significant other. You're so angry with him/her that you did something to her or you made a quick decision that later on you regret. Most of us do this don't we? We do something whatever comes out first in our mind. The problem here is self-control. In everything we do, always think first. Whatever mood you're having, the best thing to do is think. "Will this decision do any good in the future or will I regret this?

Second thing we need to do is observe and learn. We make mistakes and thats given. But do we commit the same mistakes all over again? When committing mistakes, we should not just let it pass and not knowing why it happened or where did it go wrong. We must learn from "our" mistakes. But not only to "our" mistakes but to others too. Observe your friends, relatives or even someone you don't know. They also commit mistakes. And what's good about that is that it didn't happen to you yet. So by observing, you learn how to avoid what others didn't.

Third is doing the things that are not good to us, or not good to others but we still do it. A good example is drinking too much. Almost everyday or every night. Why do we drink? Because we love it. It makes us feel good. It gives us that feeling that we don't normally get. But we know it's not good for our health but we still do it. Until the time comes when our body can't take it anymore and that's the only time we stop. There are things that gives pleasure but it's not doing any good to us or to others. Sometimes it's better to avoid pleasure and not hurt anyone rather than satisfying ourselves but regret later.

These are just some few things that can make us a better person. If ever you have other ideas, feel free to leave a comment. I'll be glad to accept it.