Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol Season 7

I have just watched the latest episode today of American Idol and was shocked that Chikeze was eliminated. A voice that sounded like Luther Vandros. But you really can't blame America for deciding. A lot of the idols were good. But maybe it's not yet time for him to go. The other two idols that were already eliminated were David Hernandez and Amanda Overmyer. Hernandez also has a lot of potential but just didn't pick the right song. It wasn't suited for him. On Amanda Overmyer's case, maybe people got tired of seeing the same Amanda. For me she was unique and nice to watch for a few weeks, but got bored seeing the same thing.

Three gone, nine left. Now here's what I think, if this is based on popularity, David Archuleta might win this. Just observe the audience when he sings. I'm not saying he's a bad singer. In fact, he's doing a great job. Nice and unique voice too. Moving on the rockers, we might be seeing two idols in the contest. David Cook and Michael Johns. I just think that Cook has a little advantage right now over Johns. Fighting for the highest range of voice are Carly and Syesha. They've been doing a good job so far although Syesha was at the bottom three the last time. If you're more on the acoustic type of performer, you might like Brook White and Jason Castro. If you like country music, Kristy Lee Cook is girl for you. Although I believe she'll have to do more effort and strong performances to win this one. And last but not the least, Ramiele Malubay. A small young girl with a big voice. So you decide. Who will you choose this year to become the next American Idol?