Sunday, March 30, 2008

WWE and TNA in Orlando Incident

WWE is scheduled to stay in Orlando this weekend. So what does this mean? TNA and WWE are both in the same state. There have been several incidents that happened this past few days regarding both TNA and WWE talents.

One incident was the fan event of WWE at Universal Studios which was just right next to the building where TNA Impact was taping. But apparently, WWE hired security to keep from either company to make contact. Unfortunately, there were still several wrestlers from both companies that were able to convince the securities to talk to their friends from opposite promotion.

And during TNA Impact's show, the camera spotted a WWE superstar. Robbie McAllister was briefly shown in the audience during the live edition of TNA Impact. A graphic referred to him by his real name to prevent any issues that would arise by calling him by his trademarked WWE ring name. After being shown in TV, he left the building.

Last Friday, caught hanging out in an Orlando bar were WWE senior vice president John Laurinaitis and TNA vice president Jeff Jarrett. Superstars like Edge, Christian, Kevin Nash, MVP, Rhino, Karen Angle, Mr. Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, Gail Kim, Scott Steiner, ODB, Traci Brooks, Jeremy Borash and David Penzer. Former WCW wrestler Glacier were also there. Jarrett and Laurinaitis looked surprised when they ran into each other at the bar, but chatted with each other and all of the wrestlers continued to hang out.

And if that's not enough, AJ Styles, Team 3D, Earl Hebner, and Kaz all showed up at WWE's Fan Axxess Tour at Universal studios and told fans to attend the TNA taping over the weekend. WWE officials are already angry over the incidents and have warned their talent to avoid public situations with TNA workers. Vince McMahon made a speech earlier in the week that nobody was to be seen with TNA talent, and Robbie of the Highlanders was actually sent home, but nobody seemed to be concerned with this on Friday night. However, nobody seems to care as wrestlers were caught on hanging out with each other. Maybe Vince should start planning on buying TNA like what he did with WCW don't you think?