Sunday, April 6, 2008

Philippine Playboy Magazine, Not Really A Playboy MAgazine

Finally, the very first Philippine Playboy Magazine. But unlike the Playboy Magazines that we know, it won't feature any frontal nudity. If that's the case, it will be like other men's magazines like FHM, Maxim, Uno, etc.. We all know that when you say "Playboy Magazine", it means nude photos of sexy girls. It's a lot different with the Philippine version as the editors said that they'll be target a much more mature men which is 30 and above. It's said that it will be a "dad magazine". Which I don't think it will because it's out there in the market and I don't think it will be restricted to ages below 30. Dolor, editor of Playboy Philippines, simply said that he wants it to be a magazine that he's not ashame to show it to his mother and daughters.

I'm not against his idea and Philippines is a largely Catholic country but if you are not going to follow the footsteps of a real Playboy Magazine, then don't use its name. Don't use the name "Playboy" just because you want your magazine to sell. People expect a lot from Playboy. FHM and Maxim are different from Playboy magazines. They show nice sexy and artistic non-nude photos of women while Playboy shows more of the naughty side of men with lots of nude photos. My point here, just use another name, create another magazine and don't use the name Playboy. It's that simple. Don't change it's format. If they are afraid to create a new name for a magazine, well, it's business. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don't. It's what I hate here in the Philippines. They use famous game shows or magazines and adapt it here in Philippines because they know it will sell. So far, from the game shows and magazines before, they adapted and followed the format of the original. Unfortunately, Playboy didn't. For now, Playboy Philippines will not show any nudity or maybe one breast. Maybe in the future it'll change. If not, stop producing it or just simply change the name.