Monday, April 14, 2008

Torrie WIlson Will Never Wrestle Again

Ever wondered where Torrie Wilson is now? I just noticed that I haven't seen Torrie for quite some time now. I even thought she went to TNA. To WWE fans, I have a good and bad news for you. The good news is, she didn't go anywhere and is still with WWE. The bad news is, she will never wrestle again. Torrie took a time off last November to undergo physical therapy in relation to a previous back injury. According to two back surgeons, if Torrie wants to be healthy in the later years, she must not set foot in a wrestling ring again.

Torrie started her wrestling career in 1999 after she won Miss Galaxy in 1998. She worked for WCW until 2001. She continued her career in WWE on the same year until today.

As of now, Torrie's doing fine now regarding on her back problems. But she admitted that she was quite depressed that she cannot wrestle again. She even mentioned that sometimes she asks herself why she put her body on the line for the past few years. But still answered that everything wass worth it and everything can't be traded, the experiences, friends, and great life.