Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Entrecard's Quick 300 Drops

As I continue blogging and viewing other people's blogs, I've seen sites that offers you list or sometimes bookmarks of blogs where you can drop your Entrecard. They provide you a list, all you have to do is click them one by one, then the sites open. Once it opens, you drop your entrecard. Then on to the next site you opened. Until you reached the last site from the list. According to them, you will be able to finish dropping within 15-30 mins. It could be an advantage for you if all you want is to earn credits. But if you want unique visitors to your site, I don't think that's the best way to use Entrecard. Why? Here's the reason. If you choose the quick 300 list, are you sure that those sites on the list will return your drop? I don't think so. Maybe a some. I have tried them out and if you'll notice, some sites are only made for dropping. No contents or what so ever but just the entrecard. Some sites that are made by others might drop on you or maybe not just because of the drops they're receiving are so many that your site will be the last on the list.

I'm not saying not to use this system. I, myself am using this system once in a while. If you are a person who doesn't care about a drop back and just wants credits, I highly suggest you use this system. But if not, there are other ways. You can still use this system, but not all. You can drop all the sites in your inbox, then drop some on the 300 list. This way, you gave a pay back for the people who are dropping you. It's important that there are people dropping you back to gain traffic.

Right now, I'm making my own list for people to use for a quick drop. I won't be making just one list of "300 quick list drop", but I'll be making sets of these so people can choose and will be fair. I already included my regular droppers for my site and I'm still looking for more, and I mean more sites to be included in my list. If you want your site to be included, just comment on this post and leave your URL together with the name of your site. I'll be releasing them as soon as I've finished the list.


animemagnet said...

I didn't see any comment on this yet, is this means nobody is interested...

Avid Reader said...

I'd love to be on the list. I am also using your lists. Thanks for the effort!

Wenbin Nah said...

Hi, would love to join your list. My EC widget is above the fold.



md said...

Please add me to your list:
With regards,

Fransiska Ike said...

I came from- http://www.blogcatalog.com/group/entrecard-group/discuss/entry/entrecard-300-quick-list-drop

I'd love to. Please add my link on your EC dropping schedule. :) My EC widget can easily be found on my site.


Anonymous said...

If you need a cartoon link...