Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"I'm Sorry.. I Love You.." - Shawn Michaels

The last famous words of Shawn Michaels to Ric Flair before he retired. Going back at WrestleMania 24, we saw final match of Ric Flair. And if you read Shawn Michaels' lips, he said, "I'm sorry.. I love you.." and then hits the sweet chin music for the pin fall and the win. A history that' now in the books and perhaps the words that Ric will remember for the rest of his life. The match was great and evenly match. Ups and downs for both wrestlers. After the 36 years of Ric Flair, it all ends at Wrestlemania 24. And there's no other great show to end it but at Wrestlemania. Ric was even offered that his match to be the main event. But he refused and humbly said that his match should not be in the main event because he thinks that the belts are more important than his career and should be prioritize by the company. I agree and disagree. Belts are important in the WWE but Ric's career is definitely, for me, is as equal as the WWE belts. He's a superstar that was idolized by the superstars of today. An influence to the future wrestlers. A pioneer, legend and an icon... that's Ric Flair.