Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sitehoppin and Entrecard is Better Together

I recently joined sitehoppin. Another great site that helps you gain more traffic from your site. Just like entrecard, co-members visit your site. Here's how it works, you'll be hoppin' or should I say surfing the net. For every site you visit or hop you make, you earn 1 beer (points you earn). For every 10 beer credits you make, you automatically gain 1 visitor to your site. If you rate a site using Sitehoppin, you get 5 beer credits. 1 tagging or comments using the "tag" function, you'll get 20 beer credits. And it actually offers more. You can visit the site for more information.

As for Entrecard, it's almost quite the same. You earn 1 point for every drop you make on a site or blog. You also get 1 point if someone drops on you. When drop for them, your account will appear on their inbox which most likely, they'll drop on you back. What are the points for? The points can be used to place an ad on other blogs who are using Entrecard. This way, a possibility of visits can occur because of your ads. So you earn traffic with reciprocal visits and by ads.

The question is, do you think is better, Entrecard or Sitehoppin? For me, it's not what's better. As long as they are effective and are giving traffic to your site, it works for me. Instead of using them against each other, why not used them together and save time. One time, I was doing my usual dropping with Entrecard, and I dropped by a site that provided me this solution. I'm sorry, but I forgot the URL of the site. All I remembered was the name Josh(if you know the url, please feel free to comment and share it here). Anyway, credits belong to him. So said on his site, instead of using it separately, he used them together at the same time. How? Use your Sitehoppin account and hop manually. By hopping manually, you earn 1 beer credit by hopping, then you can drop 1 entrecard if the site has one. And you can rate the site too that earns you 5 credits. It's a fast way to earn credits for both instead of using them separately. And it's not really adviceable to use the slideshow of Sitehoppin unless you're doing other things. It's better to do it manually, because the credits come 5x faster than using slideshow. I hope this information helped you on how to work with your Sitehoppin and Entrecard accounts.


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