Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Entrecard 300 Sites Quick Drops(1)

I'm finally finished with the first batch of my 300 list for entrecard. I'm sharing this for those who want to use it. I'm currently working on the second batch. I'm planning to make at least 3 lists so people will have options to alternate using these least for the reason so that more visitors will drop on them. If you want your site to be included on the 2nd batch, just click comment and leave your URL and name of your site. Here's the 1st batch:

300 Entrecard Drop Sites (1)

.oO";my solitude;"Oo.
101 Celebrations! Celebrity Blog
1st Angel Design
2 Witches Blog
60 Were Enough
A 45 Caliber Blog
A Changing Life
A Gift Of Tongues
A Girl For All Status
A Investor: Buy Sitehoppin's Beer Stock..
A Journey Of Dreams
A Large Moneybites Contest - Over $800…
A Modern Men's Resource
AdikMode RPG Fansite
Alcove de Anggur
Ambushed Thoughts ver3 . 0
Amy Lilley Designs
Android's Dungeon
Angel Psychic Blessings
Anime, Gaming, Videos, and Japanese Pop..
Ankit Arora
Another Chapter
Anti Againg Secret
Anything Under The Sun
Are you There God? It's Me Blogging
Arno Net 2.0
Article Blog - Article
Associate Tactics
Atashi no Koe
Attempts at a Sustainable Lifestyle
Awesome Entertainment
Basketball Notes By Alex
Be Your Own Detective
Beeker's Words
Bittersweet Collide, Alexis meets Aidan
Biyahilo - Tourist Attractions
Blogging Over Coffee
Bloody Computer!
Bluntrapz Blog
Book Calendar
Brittany Spears Blog
Brooklyn NY Lawters Blog
Busted: Celebrity Mugshots
Buy Beer Stocks - Get Free Traffic
Can You Identify Me?
Catholic Pilgrim
CCNBC Online!
Celeb Nipple Slip
Chica & Pumuckl
Chip Flip Jump
Coatable Coats
Competition Time
Consecrated Life
Country and Folk Music
Daisy The Curly Cat
Dance Of Motherhood
Debt Free Revolution
Debunking Obama
DietMe One Pound At A Time
Digg'N For Diamonds
Dinner and a Blog
Dot Com Mogut
Drink Deeply
Drop Yours and Win! Entrecard Credits
Duckeldannys Money Blog
Earncow - Cow Guide To Money..
EcoInsomniac - An inspired change
El Gigante Verdoso
Embrace Simplicity
Enchanted Crafts
Endangered Spaces Blog
Entrecard Blog
Exceldeo's World Of Music
Ez DIY Electricity
Fairy Tale Treasure Shop
Felex Tan Dot Com
Fighting With Writing
FigPress - A Resource For Fantasy..
Fishing Village
Foolsville 2.0
Fox Lake Fishing Blog & Forum, Fishing ..
Free Accessories Tips For All Situations
Free Real Traffic To Your Blog Or Website
Freebie Reporter
Fruit Species
GameDrift - Technology & Gaming..
Gaming & Tools
Geek Load
Geek Mom Mashup
Give To God. Give To Yourself..
Giveaway City
Go Ahead, Read Me..
Gossip Girl Spoilers Gossip Girl Episodes..
Got Wicca Org
Happy Family Matters
Hedge Against Speculation
Herberts Philippinehomepage
Holiday Craft Source
Homeschooling In The Ozarks
Hot And Sexy Girls!
How Panties Define Us
I Know I have The Right To Remain Silent
I'm Not Angry, This is my Relaxed..
Impartial Inc
Indo Contest
Infected Loser
Inspiring Entries
Internet Business Guide
Investigations and Ruminations
iPhone Canada News
It's OK to Be WEIRD!
Ivy League Conservatives
Java Girl
Jeans Women
Jesus Encounter
JIVE Youth! Jesus Inspired, Valuing Eter..
Juliana's Lair
Juliana's World
Jurists Bar Review Center
Kater-Bug Blue
Kay's K9s
Leafshine: Lust For Flower
Learn How 2 Earn
Life Is Short - You Need Python!
Life Momento
Life Of Justin
Life With Kim
Life With Roxxymetal
Lingual Fun
Lisa Reviews
Living Well - Naturally
Look 4 Dream Girls
Love Mysticism Tantric Wisdom
Magical Connections
Majik's Thoughts
Make A Pound
Make Money Online Make Money At Home
Make Money Online with Adsense
Make Money Online with EJ Cooksey
Make Money Online-Work At Home
Making Money Online With Articles
Metal Music Video Blog
Modern Witchcraft School
Momma Muse
Money Online Business Solution
Monkey Fables And Tales
My Absent Mind
My Cornerstone Trio
My Drift
My Online Discoveries
My So Called Life
My Thermos
My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings
My Wii News
Net News Publisher For World News
New York Nitty-Gritty
New York Traveler
No nonsense Ineternet Tips
On The Horizon
Online Cash Make Money Online
Personal Finance Mangement Guide
Pinoy E-Gold
Pinoy Gaming
Pinoy Money Online
Pinoy Showbiz Talk
Pixelated Thoughts
Play Wii
Practical Forex Trading
Pro Blog Reviews
Rainy Day Diamonds
Ramblings of An Undisturbed Mind
Read My Mind
Revenue Robot
Reward Rebel - On My Mind
Scott's Space
Search Engine Panel
Seed Catalogs
Sense To Save
SEO exposed
Sexy Celebrity Wallpapers
Sexy Female Celebrity Features
Sherry Rambling
Shimmer Fantasy Manga
Soundtrack Geek
Spirituality Page
Start, Build & Grow Your Online Business
Staying Well And Alive!
Steeping Beauty - Latina Style Beauty Blog
Stories Poetry Apologetics & Rants
Sue Doe-Nim
Sugar And Sweets
Superficial Gallery
Sustainable Democracy
Taylor's Entertainment News ultimate learning place
Temptations and Ambitions
Terrah's Dawn
Texas RV Travel Blog
TGKC Intelpro Sdn. Bhd.
The Anatomy Of Construction
The AntisocialBuraot
The Best Of Bollywood Masala
The Blog With Anime And Gaming On One..
The Boring, Yet Whimsical Life Of Avery
The Buzz
The Esoterical Journey
The Journey
The Loquaciously Verbose Ramblings..
The Lyrics Hub
The Mag - A Magazine for All Generations
The Marketer Review
The Nook Of Oz
The Sewing Mom
The Strategic Lawyer
The Superheroes Base
The Troll Hunter
The Truth IN Context
The Ultimate Money Blog
The Way It Is
The Way Of the Web
Thinking Outloud
Tip Tail Four Smooth Collies and Two..
Today's World Seen In A Different Light
Top Game Videos
Top Tech Talk
Totally Fabulous
Trainee Trader
Transilvania International Guitar Festival
Trip The Lady
Up The Hill Gang
Veryheaven Ouverture
Virtual Millenium
Visual Kei
Vorazius, b video insaciable
WAHM Work At Home Business Blog..
We Love Nature
Welcome To Anime Magnet
Wicca Warrior
Wicked Youth
Win Money on Internet Just With Clicks
Wired World
World For Fun
Worth The Popcorn
Yearblook / Rankings for..
You Are A Fly On My Wall
You Can Learn Series, Ideas in..
Young Online Millionaire
Your Sport Blogger


TMY said...

Thank you for your information...:)

Ana said...

Hello there :)

Thank You for dropping by at my blog and leaving your comment on Lenny Kravitz's post :)

If you want, you can add my site to this list, though im not entirely sure if its eligible :)

But along with yours, these 300 links provide great source to drop by and have a read.

Have a good day :)

auts11 said...

I'm sorry I can't add your site now. You must have an Entrecard first. Get one first then I'll add your site.

Guardian Angel said...


While I am thankful that my Happy Family Matters blog is included in the list, I must warn you that there is a fake Entrecard widget that you may find on other blogs.

I strongly suggest that you visit my latest post and spread the word before others may be fooled too.


Here is the link.

3POINT8 said...

Hey there. thanks for adding my link to the list!

anonymum said...

My thanks for including me in the list

Jasmine Shanea said...

Hey! Thanks so much for adding my blog to the list. It's a great concept. :) Appreciate it loads.

Christy said...

Thank you for adding Totally Fabulous to your list, I'm just glad that my site loads quickly! Have a great Friday:)

Jolene said...

Thank you for adding me to your list!

Dette | Dance of Motherhood said...

Hurray! Thanks for including me - gonna send you some linky love :)

bbdc said...

Thanks for including Debunking Obama in your Quick 300

Would be very grateful if you could also include my other equally accessible site

The Drop zone is of course high profile top left on sidebar.

Thanks for your help

Reward Rebel said...

Link love is much appreciated, it was a lovely surprise! :-)

MOBS said...

I really appreciate for putting my site into the list. I will put you also into my list... once again, thanks friend..

Nur Atari said...

hi.... Can you add my link to your next batch of 300 entrecarders please?
MY link is

and the title of my blog is SN-UM.. please have my link listed please..

auts11 said...

To bbdc and Nur Atari, I have included your sites on my next release. I'm still working on it though but I'll be releasing it soon.

Avid Reader said...

Please ad us: PlotDog Press


Jims Varkey said...

Please ad my blog: adsforblog
I have placed entrecard above the fold and my site loads in just 0.50 seconds.

Book Calendar said...

Thanks for adding me to your list. I do appreciate it. I am looking to get a little traffic to my site and this helps. Regards,

Book Calendar

Majik said...

Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked your blog and will indeed return!

Peace and Thanks!

Susie Q said...

Hi, you can come drop your entrecard at my site too! Thanks for setting this list up!

-mimay- said...

hey, thnx for including me in the list :)

Ukion said...

hi, thanks for adding me to the list. In the mean time I change my domain name. Please change my link and name at the list.
My link in the list is and my blog name at the list is 'Detector: Entrecard Contest'.

New name is: DetectorPro
New link is:

Thank you!

Innovative Minds at Work said...

hey, i want to be included for your second list of entrecard droppers

thanks in advance !!

Fanny's Book Of Shadows said...

Please put my blog on your list
Thanks fanny stice

Pamela said...

If you're still working on the next one I'd love to be on it.


Above the fold!