Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google Paid Me Again

I just opened my google account and found out that I can already get my money. At my payment history, the control number was written. By the way, I chose Western Union not check so I can get my money quickly and safely. So I went to Western Union and got my money. I got $102.90. It's not that big yet but with hard work, I'm sure I can improve some more. Right now, I've got $20 on my google account. Eighty dollars more and I'm on my way back to Western Union. It's all about hard work. And google is a sure thing. They really pay unlike others that lets you post their ads on your site or lets you click on something and then after a while, you won't be hearing anything from them.


nepspeed82 said...

Hmmm, good for you. I too just received my payment last May 31 from Google. Guess what, it's through western union too. I prefer that mode of payment rather than check since with checks, it will take longer to get to you except if you pay an additional $24 fee for a courier delivery which is a waste since you'll be wasting a thousand pesos in the process.