Monday, May 12, 2008

Back To American Idol

I was away and busy for the past few weeks. And now that I'm back, I would like to make up for last episodes of Idol. I have been predicting that three male singers will be on the top three. Not because I like them, but because it's what America are trying to tell us. I felt that it's becoming a popularity contest rather than a singing contest. Thankfully, I'm wrong. Jason Castro didn't make it to the final three. But before I continue on Jason, I would like to get back on Brooke. I was glad that she was out. I thought that Syesha was going because fans kept on voting Brooke even though she kept on screwing things up. Technically, in my opinion, Syesha sings well and clean. The problem is charisma. Popular guys like Brooke and Jason need to screw up a lot of times and big time before people finally decided that they shouldn't be in the top three. And I'm glad with the finally three. I think David A, David C and Syesha deserve it.

Here are my thoughts on the final three. Syesha, I think is the best technical singer among the three. The problem is, she doesn't have enough fans to support her. And I think there are more female fans out there watching that like the two Davids. David Archuleta, sings well at a young age. Great and unique voice and definitely has tons of fans. On performance wise, he needs to improve more on how to work the stage as a performer. David Cook, a true rocker I think has the better package among the three. He can definitely work the stage, has lots of fans, great voice of a true rocker. But sometimes, there are some flat and sharp notes but it can still be recovered by the tone of his voice. These are just some of my comments based on what I see on the show and what I have observed on the votes. Let's see if they prove me wrong once again.


dimarkitekt13 said...

hehehe, so your an avid fan of american idol. unfortunately i don't american idol simple because i don't have TV in my boarding house... hehehe but i always hear there song from boardmate since he always play american idol songs. (by the way care to exchange reviews or post, just ive at least 150 words about my blog, you can remove this part, thanks) by the way i saw you blog through blogcatalog. hehehe