Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Right to Choose

What if you were only given a choice to choose between having a cable tv or an internet and you can't have both. Hmmmm.. It's like choosing between food and water. Of course we both need water and food for survival. But do we need cable and internet to survive? Let's analyze. Technologies today are growing fast and becoming better and better everyday. So for that question, some might say yes we both need cable and internet.

Let's look at the strengths of cable tv. You'll have access with lots of channels around the world. You can watch your favorite shows, movies, sports, and even music videos 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Watch what you have been missing the past years. How about an internet? You can access almost everything on the net from news, pictures, music to videos. Communication is another strong point that an internet connection have. For those who have love ones from another country. You don't have to pay to be able to talk to them. You just need an internet to be able to talk and see them. No contest.

From the points I've been making, it's obvious that internet has more advantage than cable tv. Just like food and water. The food gives us strength. But still we need water to live. Comparing it with the internet and cable, internet gives us more power over what we want to do. But still, we want cable tv. But do we really need it as much as food and water? Let's all remember, we don't need too much power to survive in this world. We don't need to choose the cable nor the internet. We only need to choose the right path, the right decision and the right way of living.