Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Heroes..Have you seen it? Are you a fan? Just imagine, what if you have the power of regeneration? Or what if you can teleport or freeze time? believe me, I have done it, but only in my dreams. And I enjoyed it and can't imagine the possibilities that I can do as a normal person who sometimes do the right thing but sometimes the bad. Just like these characters in the T.V. series Heroes. They have powers, but they don't always act like heroes like Superman or Batman. I was impressed with the story and the different twists in the series. Before I start, for those who haven't seen it, here's a short summary for you. It's a T.V. series about ordinary people who discovered they have special abilities. But it doesn't mean that if you have these abilities, you are a hero. Definitely not in their cases. They just show you how ordinary and human they are. They use their powers in good but sometimes in evil depending on what they need. Some went to go on the right path right away, but some chooses their own way, the human way.

Here's a list of the main characters and their abilities

Claire Bennet - regenerative ability
Hiro Nakamura - manipulate the space-time continuum
Peter Petrelli - absorbs the powers of the others
Nathan Petrelli - ability to fly
Takezo Kensei - regenerative ability
Matt Parkman - hear other's thoughts
Niki Sanders - superhuman strength and multiple personalities
Sylar - multiple acquired abilities

These are just some of the few main characters of the series. It's just too bad that season two ended so fast. They only aired 11 episodes out of 24 of season two due to the 100 day strike by the Writers Guild of America. It is said that the remaining episodes will be shown on Season 3. Hopefully it will come out soon. But for now, we all know there are heroes in movies and t.v. We can also be one even without powers, even for one day.