Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beauty And The Geek

Have you seen the reality show Beauty and the Geek? I've been watching it lately. I think I have seen all seasons. Just love watching it. Seeing beautiful girls and watching those geeky stuffs. It's a very entertaining show wherein you see the transformation from geeks to cool guys and from dumb hot girls to real true sweet hearts. The best thing from watching it is the lessons you will be able to learn from the beauties and the geeks. It's simply not by judging the book by its cover. I've seen one season where one beauty didn't change at all. And that cost from winning because of how she treated each person in the house. She's the typical beauty b*tch. Someone who only wants rich people and likes to manipulate others and want to be cute all the time. And, oh yeah, she's dumb. Beauty only last a few years, when you get old, it's the beauty that's inside you that still remains. So start being beautiful from the inside and respect other people. Try to be real but good and don't use anyone to make yourself happy. Life is full of trials and disappointments but with the beauty inside us and with the geekiness in our hearts, we can start and make this world a better place.