Wednesday, December 26, 2007

GTA San Andreas - Review

What exactly are you looking for in game? Perhaps maybe some action? drama? suspense? comedy? violence? or even sex? Look no more because I have the perfect game for you. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. If you're a big fan of GTA, you know what I'm talking about. Everything you want from body building to race driving. Listening to different stations while driving. From being a gang member to a taxi driver. It's being free of doing anything that you are not allowed to do in the real world. Welcome to San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas is an Action/Adventure game developed by Rockstar North. Released on October 2004, the game's setup was in late 1992. The game revolved around the unraveling of the murder of the main character, C.J. Johnson. A game full of action, violence, etc.. you name it, they got it. For me the best GTA game of all the other GTA series. From riding motorcycles to flying planes and controlling tanks. Another feature is the looks of your main character. You can actually be a skinny guy, fat one, or a muscle man. The trick is, you don't choose them at the start, you have to work for it if you want him to be fat or muscular. Do regular workouts and you'll be a muscle man. Feed him a lot and you'll be big fat ___.

Another key factor is the building of character. Given already was the physical appearance. Other factors are respect, skills in weapons and vehicles. These stats definitely will give impact and effect on how you play the game. The missions are less frustrating because they do a better job on letting you know what to do or how to do it.

And if are tired of playing the storyline of the game, why not do some mini games or maybe do anything you want. From killing, stealing, and creating chaos. Things which we are not allowed to do in real life. There could be some problems with frame rate once in a while but it doesn't affect the speed of the game. Combining the good and the bad sides of the game, it still looks great overall. Just a little warning though, kids must be guided when playing this game as it involves violence, explicit language and scenes. Based on the game play, sounds and graphics, I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10. So if you want a thrill ride of your life, go out and check this game out.

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